League of Legends gamers now have a first look at the latest esports skins to be released in commemoration of all Samsung Galaxy’s 2017 victory at Worlds.

Back in February, we reported the associates of Samsung Galaxy had chosen the winners they wanted skins for after their championship triumph. With the brand new Condition of Urology dev blog that’s only been released, Riot Games confirmed once again that the prior collection of winners was right using Taliyah, Gnar, Jarvan IV, Rakan, Xayah, along with Ezreal will be the upcoming winners to acquire esports skins.

“Much like last year, we’re working closely with the pros to make sure their skins observe who they are as a group and their amazing achievement,” Riot Games’ merchandise manager and direct skin manufacturer Anna “Supercakes” Donlon stated in the movie above.

Just before the four-minute markers in the movie, players may observe some theories for the six fresh skins. Players are already weighing in on the brand new skins with some drawing comparisons to Cosmic and Warring Kingdom skins, but many seem impressed with the skins so far, especially with the notion for Gnar’s skin.

About Twitter, Riot Stellari, skins manufacturer for League of Legends, shared a picture of all the SSG skin theories side-by-side and stated that the skins gamers see today aren’t even the final layouts. The Rioter proceeded to describe what some of those goals were to the skins while still incorporating that some theories such as Taliyah’s have already been adjusted multiple times since the very first concepts were created.

Hey all! From the brand new State of Skins movie, we discussed with the concept artwork for the upcoming SSG noodle skins. This is a perfect time. Concept artwork helps us determine a thematic, find cohesion, work out problems–it is not closing layout 1/3 pic.twitter.com/97HOG4aI3W

This SSG lineup proved to be a first pass with a couple goals in mind: one of these was ensuring we were translating SSG’s vision properly, another goal was ensuring the team seemed like a team. This theory helped us emphasise a direction. 2/3

Since that time, there has been several modifications (as occurs with all concept artwork). As an example, Taliyah’s had a variety of modifications since this first pass. Hope you love those skins! I will try and answer whatever questions I could. 3/3

— Riot Stellari (@thejanellemj) March 6, 2018

A launch timeframe for the new SSG skins hasn’t been announced yet, but look for more development posts in the skins as we move closer to their final versions.

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