Epic’s place a lot of effort Battle Royale and the results are revealing. Significantly, the most up-to-date numbers of the game imply that Fortnite has wiped the floor with PUBG and League . LOL.

According to sullygnome, a site which monitors Twitch, Fortnite has enjoyed a surprising surge in popularity, which means that League of Legends’ reign on Twitch has come to an end.

We’ve been sifting through the data and we gathered a comparison of times. The “times” categories refer to Twitch screening hours in the given time period.

Naturally, extending the time frame to a year paints another movie – League of Legends reigns supreme and PUBG will be instant, without actually threatening the prior. The picture is distinct as you can see since it’s in eighth place and Fortnite’s not there.

Comparison chart

We did not incorporate in order to not draw salt – this is the nearest time when the game is at the very first place.

Fast forward to any of those categories closer to today and it will become obvious that Epic’s Fortnite has been blowing off off the roof from Twitch’s equally proverbial residence.

Fortnite: Battle Royale, new point of attention about the Southern border of the island

In fact, in the past 14 days individuals have spent up to 5,014 years and 110 days viewing Fortnite. That the history of our entire planet. To be honest though, League of Legends seems to be consumed with Fortnite marginally, whereas PUBG has been fighting a loosing battle.

It seems that Epic’s recent barrage of upgrades to Fortnite: Battle Royale is hugely paying off and it seems there’s an additional reason for the enterprise to keep up the good work. Seriously, PUBG?

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