Picture by Rodney Davis

Picture by Rodney Davis

The expert scene this year was especially fascinating involving SKT’s story of struggle and the TSM drama in NA LCS. Players have been vocal and while the games began long and slow they have quickly picked up the speed. That said, there are consistently interesting picks each week and this past week was no exception.

Splyce had to bring something out different should they expected to conquer Esports. This pick was Ivern. Surely a wacky champion, the pick in this meta typically doesn’t get the job done thus it withdrew casters and fans alike. But, “that the Green Father” excelled and Splyce managed to mad G2.

FlyQuest’s Song “Fly” Yong-jun pulled the Vel’Koz against Clutch Gambling through the final game of Week. Using Sion, Zac, and Braum will permit the pick to make a small sense because that front line will allow for a very long range mage. That said, Vel’Koz is off meta and was a little wacky of a pick vs Clutch Gambling. Regrettably the game was missing by Flyquest.


Korea was the first place to bring out the Swain and for that reason alone it turned out to be a wacky pick. MVP’s Kang “ADD” Geon-mo was the only to draw out the swain. The wacky pick withdrew KSV and aided MVP secure a triumph. It is always entertaining seeing a brand new or reworked champion being chosen for the first time in ace play, and the wacky selection of Swain was fascinating to see.


Duan “Caveman” De-Liang of Vici Gaming chose to bring out the Trundle support in their game against Rogue Warriors and it was certainly a wacky pick. The odd reinforcement was paired with a Caitlyn at the bot lane, however the duo did not work out well. Vici Gambling went on to drop the game and a part of the reason was that the absence of a appropriate support.

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