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You Asked for It: In which we impart the wisdom of Warren Buffett and Yining (from NYU)Purchase Photos

Satirical advice column. Results may vary.

I’m writing because I believe that I wish to improve about rescuing. Do you have any suggestions for how to invest in my future?


Spendy Wendy


You’t come to the perfect place. 1 piece of advice stuck to me, and I ’d like to discuss it with you as well as I have applied it to my life:

On this issue of savings, Buffett states: “Don’t save what’s left after spending, invest what’s left after saving. ”

I like licorice. I’m a licorice head. I believe it’s a good-tasting, timeless snack that’s also interesting to eat. If I could eat licorice for each meal, I would. In fact, that’s not even a hypothetical. I eat licorice for each meal. While I do my budget every month, I put aside a certain quantity of money for living expenses, I put aside what I’m going to invest on licorice. I really try to stick to this amount because I would spend on popcorn that which I should put toward rent or gasoline, what’s more, savings. Normally, I live from the words of Warren Buffett and set out what I plan to save as soon as I get my paycheck.

I had gone to Popalop’s Candy Shop at Crabtree Mall to pick up my normal licorice order. They had it bagged up for me and that I was prepared to cover when I noticed a brand new screen set up over from the jellybean wall. It had been for a Finnish brand of licorice I’d never noticed before. The cashier told me they’d just gotten it in and it would just be in stock for a limited time. A fear rose in me What if the Finnish licorice runs out before I return next month and I don’t get to try it? I’d spent my licorice cash that month … however that I hadn’t deposited my savings. I had a split second to make a decision I splurged.

The Finnish licorice was what I could have hoped for. It had been ropey in texture and sweet, due to its cane sugar base. Was it worth it? Warren Buffett would likely say. However, the way I see it, occasionally it’so much better to enjoy than it is to conserve.

God bless.


Hey Wendy!

You’re really looking at somebody that spent last summer interning at an asset management company! Regrettably I could’t remember one thing concerning it, so that I’ll only tell you about my roommate Yining.

Yining has been a NYU student taking summer courses.

Yining’s most notable characteristic was how much he spoke to himself. Initially I thought that he was simply talking on the phone a lot, but I discovered this wasn’t true when he continued this dialog to the shower. Understand I believing he had been talking on the phone reflects on both the volume and the frequency of his speaking.

Yining primarily spoke on MMA fighting. I heard from Yining as a MMA fighter, so you can’t keep doing the same thing and hope for a different outcome! I discovered this because he had been speaking at a volume you would use to speak with someone across the room.

I think he played League of Legends. 1 night, at approximately 12:30 a.m. to a weekday, Yining was snapping his mouse at a rate I felt hopeless and unsustainable. But maintain it did — he had been clicking for over an hour! Eventually I needed to inquire Yining to quit playing his match, because of his loud and incessant clicking was precluding my own sleeping.

Yining was additionally the sweetest apple eater I had ever seen. He would complete an apple in perhaps less than eight snacks, then continue onto another apple. 1 night he ate three apples in a row with this technique.

Happy investing!


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