The Beauty of Cosmetics

The Beauty of Cosmetics

Riot Games have released their annual State of Skins blog to show what new makeup we could look forward to seeing this season on League of Legends.

In addition they revealed their strategy for skins moving into 2018, such as more events and more reductions along with Your Shop. They also disclosed the hottest ultimate epidermis ‘Gun Goddess Miss Fortune‘ that is on the PBE now.

On top of that, Riot officially verified who World Champions Samsung have chosen for their skins. Cuvee contains Gnar, Crown contains Taliyah, Ambition has Jarvan, Haru has Ezreal, Ruler has Xayah and Corejj has Rakan. The concept artwork for those skins appear amazing but the designs have never been finalised.

Riot haveĀ confirmed what characters World Champions Samsung have chosen for their skins
Riot have verified that which figures World Champions Samsung have chosen to their skins

On top of that it looks like Riot have started to tease that year’s April Fools skins which seems to possess a quick food theme.

Documents on the PBE have emerged which turn the raptor camps into rather funny chickens – fitting the theme of Galio’s new skin. The teased dash art shows Galio sporting a chicken head while holding a few fried chicken on his hand.

But the most fascinating portion of that picture is the background is a dark-haired girl riding a scooter while carrying a shipping pizza-box. It seems this will be the long-awaited Pizza Delivery Skin Care that fans are begging for since Riot revealed concept artwork for the skin in PAX 2013.

Besides that, Riot have also introduced the splash artwork for a new Alistar skin that most likely will be a mythic. The skin seems to follow Annie and Kog’Maw’s footsteps in the Hextech line, which means that you will need 10 Gemstones to unlock it.

Riot have teased new April Fool's skins including Pizza Delivery Sivir which was shown at PAX back in 2013.
Riot have teased Hextech Alistar and new April Fool’s skins such as Pizza Delivery Sivir
There's also splash art for what appears to be a Hextech skin for Alistar

Throughout the Condition of Skins video, Riot declared that the favorite Pool Party collection of skins will reunite this season and declared among those champions who will be comprised, Zoe.

Zoe has only been out for a few months after releasing in November but she is already getting a fresh skin. Pool Party Zoe wears rubber duck armbands along with her Sleepy Trouble Bubble is a beach-ball that pops right into a pool of water.

Riot have confirmed that the Pool Party series will return this year and will include Zoe
Riot have verified that the Pool Party series will go back this season and will include Zoe
Zoe hasn't been out for long but is played a lot, plus this skin theme appears to really suit her
Zoe has never been out for extended but is played a lot, plus this skin topic seems to really match her

Some gamers could be angry that Zoe is becoming a new skin so soon while older champions have gone without anything.

Aurelion Sol is to receive a new skin since his release so this should make a whole lot of mid-laners very pleased.

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