The Comic Book

The Comic Book

On Tuesday, Riot released the ​newest winner comic, this time focusing on ​Kassadin’s daughter herself, Kai’Sa. Since ​the newest additi​on to the match, Kai’Sa’s lifestyle remains shrouded in mystery. This comedian helps light it.

Illustrated in striking​ colors, the story follows Kai’Sa as she tries to save merchant. Kai’Sa steps in to protect him from the voidlings that encircle him, when he drops indoors.

New winner comedian!

Kai’Sa is misunderstood by the folks over the Void. They believe she is a monster since she communes together and navigates the Void, and since somehow she and she are fused.

The retailer tries to run off as she saves his own life. While she fights off the Void monsters, the inner monologue of Kai’Sa describes her life in the Void as barbarous, but not without rules.

In the end, the merchant gets himself killed, however, Kai’Sa reaffirms her decision to defend the world from the Void, even if she isn’t understood by them. It’s all very spectacular, however, to it’s credit, the comic brings it all off with grace.

Cover photograph courtesy of ​Riot Games

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