The Way to Make the Most Out of SuperCakes

The Way to Make the Most Out of SuperCakes

Personalization Lead Producer SuperCakes Provides an update on Resistance Illaoi, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, plus a Few Approaching skins and Occasions in 2018.

I would really like a choice on my client to turn off all skins, so that I visit all units in their base type. I know this could be absolutely dreadful for the monetization of the match, but it seems as though this is getting more and more of a desire of mine once I am now seeing champs that can change colors on the fly, inducing confusion every time that I see them. Sure it is only 2 champs today, but down the street if we have full groups?

Can we have more matches at a rotation? I enjoy how you guys add blood and ascension and events from time to time, but can u guys increase the frequency as I do not know keep an Customized match for 1 and then change it

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