The Way to Repair the Problem of Summoners

The Way to Repair the Problem of Summoners

Greetings, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 8.5, the one which’s the “little patch” to 8.4’s “big patch”. This patch is truly a massive download, because we are updating some of the in-game assets. More on that here!

However back to gameplay! This patch we are having a look at professional outliers, a number of whom have been problem children for awhile now (Azir, Galio, Ryze). We’re also revisiting Zoe following heavy nerfs final patch, giving her power back in places we believe should be healthier in the long term.

Then, we’ve given a couple of juggernauts (Skarner/Volibear) more utility since preseason, but those changes have left them too dominant. We’re dialing back to some middle ground in between their previous state and their current condition.

Finally, League of Legends newest marksman, Kai’Sa, is placing foot to the Rift. Bring an umbrella: the forecast requires Icathian Rain.


Kai’Sa, Lady of the Void will be released together with patch 8.5! Scope outside League’s Most Current predator as You’re still living:

Bullet Angel Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa’s splashes will also be accessible on League Displays!

Azir includes a powerful laning phase and a powerful fighting game. Reducing the base damage of Conquering Sands gives enemies longer time to manage the Emperor prior to his late-game AP scaling kicks in.

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